Ospitalità Trentina su Misura

Wellness hotel Dolomiti

Wellness hotel Dolomiti

Breathtaking landscapes of peaks and green valley’s with plenty to discover. Enchanted Dolomites were declared Unesco World Heritage Site in 2009. The award takes into account natural beauty as well as management of natural resources.
Traditionally known for their skiing resorts, the region now offers all-year holiday opportunities in splendid wellness hotel Trentino. Hiking, Nordic walking, rock climbing or simply strolling by a lake or along a brook in the middle of woodland are among the many activities that will give you a sense of true pleasure.

Nature extends far beyond any horizon and visitors are advised not to forget their cameras, for the light here will change every hour, casting infinite shades of green and blue. Everything here is a delight for the eye and nose: meadows so smooth, trees striving so high towards surrounding mountain tops. And as evening draws near, still enjoy the scent of tidy gardens and their magnificent flowers against a dramatic sunset.

Back in your hotel room, take all the time you need to relax and go over the pictures of a wonderful day tour. Pamper yourself in our Trentino Wellness Hotel in Italy, where you will find top class facilities and a vast array of treatments.

This is where tradition blends with modern comfort to offer you only the best. Discover the taste of local cuisine, in charming surroundings and restore your strength after a healthy day out in the fresh air. Nothing has been left to chance, yet the main feeling is one of total freedom.

Come to visit us in our wellness hotel in Trentino in Italy!