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Travel insurance.... leave worry-free!

Have you just booked a holiday in Trentino or Sardinia but want to protect yourself against any unexpected event adding a travel insurance? We do have the righ solution to it: Dolomiti ClubRes added the Medico Bagaglio insurance policy to your booking! This policy covers all medical expences you might encounter during you holidays, also those linked to COVID-19 (included the hospitalization or the extension of yout ovetnight stay)

You might also be interested in having a even safer holiday! We suggest you to take out a STORNOHOTEL healt policy, for a really low price (4,4% of the total stay that you have booked) you will be convered in case of cancelation or interruption of your holiday, included illness issues linked to COVID-19. 


Important:  in order to fill in your insurance correctly, do not forget to report the data of all the people travelling with you and the total amount of the cost of your overnight stay, otherwise the insurance coverage is not guaranteed. 

ClubRes will take the risk and we will protect your reservation: in the unlucky event that you won't be able to travel due to lockdowns or the institution of red zones, we will release a voucher, to be used within 12 months for a new booking. 


If you have already made your holiday booking you can add the travel insurance policy to your package by following these simple steps:

  • Click this link: VAI ALLA POLIZZA
  • Fill in all the fields with your holiday details
  • Click on CALCOLA  >> I will see the cost of your holiday insurance and you'll be able to go on with the purchase of this service

For further info or queries, do not hesitate to call  ERGO's call centeral: +39 02 006 212 16



DRAFTING LIMIT Within 48 hours from your booking Contextually to the reservation, before the arrival day
VALIDITY Since the emission date up until the check-in for the cancellation guarantee and until the check-out for the interruption guarantee  Since your check-in until the check-out

Check the list of the events covered by the insurance in the general policy condition

The fine is refunded 


Not provided 


Check the list of the events covered by the insurance in the general policy condition

The host is refunded pro rata of the holiday days not enojoyed 


Not provided 


Not provided 

Included under the condition that the customer contact the Operations Centre


the person insured, when the event the cause the cancelation or the interruption of the holiday, is required to:

  • cancel as soon as possible the booked trip, in order to reduce to lowest term the cancellation fines
  • report the accident within 48 hours from the event occurred to the Society by calling the Call Centre "Sinistri"

Should you ever need medical assistance, before taking any spontaneous venture, you have to call immediately the Operations Centre to report the occurred event and received assintance


*For further info and details we suggest you to read all the conditions reported in the files of the policy


For further question and/or info, do not hesitate to contact the following numbers:


UFFICIO Aperture pratiche sinistri Centrale operativa
NUMERO   +39 02 00 62 02 61 - option 3 +39 02 30 30 00 05


Mon-Fri: 09.00 -20.00               Sat: 09.00-14.00

 Open h. 24/ 365 day




I am positive to COVID-19 but I am asyntomatic, does the policy cover me? YES
If a member of my family is asyntomatic, does the policy cover me? YES, until the second degree of kinship
If a member of my family is positive to covid and sick, does the policy cover me? YES
If I need to stay in quarantine because I got into touch with someone resulted positive to covid, am I covered by the insurance? NO
If I decide to take the swab test and I result positive to COVID, am I covered? YES
I am covered by the insurance if at the airport they take my temperature and this is higher than 37.5°? YES, As long as you did not pass the check-in phase 
you are covered but you will be asked to deliver a medical certificate
While I am travelling and I don't feel well. At the hospital they make the swab test and I result positive to it, so I am given a certificate. Does the insurance includes these expenses? YES
What happens if due to COVID issues I am not able to leave your hotel/residence within the prearranged date? You will be charged of €100 pre day extra for a maximum of 10 days



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